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bought a lifetime Moen warrantied kitchen faucet. When it broke (plastic part - imagine!) the parts are shipped by Canada Post- the epitome of fast service.

If Moen products are "so great" that they get a lifetime warranty it is of little use if it takes a "lifetime" to receive repair parts. Never heard of a courier service?

Next time around, I will but far-east junk. I will know exactly what I am getting for the price (25-30% of the cost of the Moen) but I can buy another (or 3 or 4) and still be ahead - both in price & service (I can purchase & install it in less t6han a day).

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Hope it wasn't a Moen single lever faucet with a single cartridge for guts because they do suck. Ours was a 10 year that never really worked right including dripping, sticking, ceasing up and lack of accuracy for water temperature.

The old style single lever guts of springs, seals, gaskets and plastic parts worked better and lasted longer. Moen has to put a long warranty and promise service because their product sucks.

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